numnums poopoo and beddy bye: The baby’s everyday diary (The new mom’s diaries)

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The new mom’s diaries” series include three different diaries and is an absolute must have aid Kit for new parents (and a wonderful gift). The first diary “numnums, poop and beddybye” helps the parent (and every caregiver) to acquaint and harmonize herself with the baby’s unique pace, rhythms and needs. In the 150 pages, the new parent can log the baby’s every day program, for the first three months (after the first three months, the parent can use another diary to log the transition from milk to creams): the eating and sleeping pattern, the diaper changing, but also the teething procedure and the colic details. She/he can also record details about possible health issues, both baby’s and mother’s (that can affect breastfeeding or bottlefeeding), the immunization and the baby’s development. Writing down all these details: All the caregivers can have at a glance, the whole picture about the baby’s program. Any change and/or shift is immediately noticeable. The paediatrician can have a full chart about the physical changes of the baby. Last, but not least, the book can fit in your purse and be with you, all the time. But the most important: this diary helps the new mother, to feel almost immediately at ease with her baby’s program patterns, be prepared calmly beforehand and be able to observe any changes. Keeping this diary, she can eliminate any anxiety, fear and inadequacy feelings, about herself for practical issues and focus on, how to bond and have a calm, loving, secure and stable relationship with her baby.


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